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MDF Material Introduction

DaiSunny |

What is MDF material?

MDF is called medium-density fiberboard, made from plantation wood fiber and combined with wax and resin binder. Generally, we use this material for furniture products. People prefer to use MDF panels for cabinets, shelves, and other storage areas in the home.
Usually, we classify the whole production of MDF as three stages, chip work, fiber preparation, and sheet forming. Trees or some waste part of trees will be debarking first, and then the factory cuts these logs into chips to be washed and refined as fibers. After gluing and forming, pressing is a big step in manufacturing MDF. Some cooling, trims, and sanding will help the production finish.

The Characters of MDF and Why Bucasso Choose MDF

  1. Eco-friendly

The core ingredients of MDF are sawdust and small chippings of other timbers, which are from wasted products during the machining process of these timbers. Therefore, MDF material is easily recycled and more eco-friendly than plastic items.
  1. Smooth Surface

After the compact with large steel plates, MDF has better smooth, uniform, and knot-free surfaces. We can cut MDF into more thicknesses and shapes without considering knots and grain of edges like solid wood. You will get a good experience in assembling and building.
  1. Consistent Material

The directions of fiber are random, which helps us cut more intricate details and molding than other woods. You can see that the details of Bucasso racks are hard to trim, and MDF material helps these racks perform better.
  1. Stable Dimensions

Under high humidity and moisture, MDF material is less subject to expansion and contraction than natural wood. But we still need to keep these racks dry. When using our storage racks, don't worry
that they fall apart accidentally.
  1. Take Paints Well

Natural wood is much easier to absorb paints than MDF material. Not for the liquid, MDF will soak up all of the liquid like other natural wood. Like your painting models, Bucasso hopes that our storage racks could be one of your unique artwork.
Bucasso combines the advantages of MDF with our products to the greatest extent to bring you a better experience. If you want to explore more about our products, let me know. We are satisfied to comprehend more builders. Have a good day!

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