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About Bucasso

Your good helper for building plastic models

During the modeling process, Bucasso found that atmospheric pressure instability and tool organization affected the crafting experience and efficiency. Therefore, Bucasso has developed products based on models and handmade scenes to help handicraft lovers enjoy handicraft more.


Hi builders! My name is Tom, the founder of Bucasso. As you may have guessed, the name Bucasso draws inspiration from the artist Picasso, a personal favorite of my co-founder Jennie and myself. We had the idea of Bucasso a few years ago. We wanted to create a brand for art, creative works, and handmade things. Until I tried to build my first gunpla with Ben, Bucasso gained an opportunity.

Ben is a hardcore model builder and handmaker. His work looks terrible cool, and those delicate artworks attracted me when I first visited his studio. After experiencing the process, I fell in love with model building. We found that most builders put so much passion into their hobby, which lets them ignore that they're enduring the uncomfortable workshop, chisels and brushes intertwined, nippers always under the table, and Tamiya paints mixed with Mr. Hobby glue all over the workbench. At that moment, you know, I felt my inner Picasso ignite. I was determined to help Ben to build a comfortable workshop.

Then, we launched our first storage rack-GK1 on Amazon. To our astonishment, Bucasso resonated with enthusiasts from over 20 countries. We gained high ratings, and many model builders told us that GK1 is what they find, and they expect more racks. When I read these reviews, I was so excited and felt that there were some gorgeous and huge flame effects around Bucasso, Jennie, and me, which is like an award for the efforts of the Bucasso team and guides us in the following steps.

So far, we have launched ten single sets of storage racks (GK1-9 & GK11) and three combo sets (GK10 & GK Plus & GK RS). GK12, specialized for paint storage, is developing with feedback from our buyers' requirements. We also collaborate with some famous model builder KOLs and receive plenty of positive feedback. Be easy, we use MDF material that is eco-friendly and hard to break. It is worth mentioning that the combination of mortise and tension makes racks more stable and easy to combine as multiple layers.

Except for the hobby itself, we seek to satisfy all your needs when you're building. We want to give you a comfortable and exclusive workshop like Ben, not a makeshift one, and we're innovating handmade tools to enhance your efficiency. Airbrushes are on the shelf, while electric model sander and others will be published ASAP. You will experience more, and we believe that every item of Bucasso will help you enjoy your artwork. We hope we can achieve that you customize models and Bucasso customizes for you, custom model builders guys.

Maybe the following effect around us is the thunder one. Come on, help Bucasso collect more effect stuff.